Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Avril Lavigne by Amaia M

                                                         AVRIL LAVGNE

Avril is Canadian, but her father is French 
Her grandparents live in France.
Avril likes casual clothes, she likes jeans, T-shirts  and sport shoes.She's very pretty.
Now she's 29 years old but when she was 12 years her father got for her a guitar and a microphone.
When she was a child she used to sing  gospel  music, now she prefers Rock and roll.
"I don´t   want to be ordinary I want to be the center of attention.
She has a brother his age.
His name is Matthew, and 
a  24 years old sister.
She used to  have a dog.

1.She's 29 years old.
2.She wants to be ordinary.
3.She used to have a dog.