Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hello from Ireland by Paula A.

Everything in Ireland is green: the countryside, the Irish team's sports shirts and even Irish people's hair... on Saint Patrick's Day! And Irish boys and girls love music and dancing.


Irish dancing is very popular with girls and boys in Ireland. Girls wear beautiful dresses and curly wigs. Irish dancing began when sailors at sea got bored and so they started to dance on the decks of their ships.


Traditional music is important to people in Ireland. Many people play musical instruments, like the fiddle or violin, the flute and the accordion.


St Patrick's day is on 17 March. St Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland. There are big parades and people wear green. Patrick has always been a very popular name for Irish boys.

In Ireland, the leprechaun is a character in Irish mythology.


Tourists love Ireland because the people are very friendly and the country is very green and beautiful. The shamrock  is a symbol of Ireland.


Ireland has a population of six million people and four million sheep.


Camogie is a popular Irish sport for girls. It is very similar to hurling. There are two teams of 15.


The Irish love Rugby. The Irish team wears green-the colour of Ireland. Ireland also has several women's rugby teams.